This large serving bowl is to be touched, held, filled, emptied, cleaned, and shared. I hope it to enhance our breaks in the day—modest endeavors such as afternoon coffee, conversation, and sharing in drink with friends. Yet this pottery also encourages all-too-rare moments of reflection and celebration.


Artist; Mike Jabbur


Why Alma's loves this: I am going to let Mike's words rest here because they are great. 

" As a studio potter, my focus is on the relationship between handmade objects and their role in everyday life. I make objects for daily use in domestic settings, informed by my belief that interesting and beautiful functional objects help to transform otherwise routine activities into meaningful life-affirming moments. Although I exhibit my work in galleries, the gallery is an intermediary space between my studio and the home."

Hand Thrown Stoneware Serving Bowl

  • Porcelain Approx 12.75" dia x 4.25" high

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