TECO 037

October 14 - November 13, 2021

Alma’s is pleased to host an exhibition featuring work by Brooklyn-based artist Leo Tecosky. Works presented in this exhibition showcase an evolution of concept and technique over the course of 4 years and includes both purposely loose and/or experimental works as well as more refined entities with the nuanced finesse associated with Tecosky. One can see his exploration in his fast-made gestural fragments, his “roughies” are helpful to the artist much like sketches are helpful to a painter. Meanwhile, Leo’s  uncanny ability to capture  energy in a form is most showcased in pieces like “Jewelled Crown, 2021” where the gesture is perfectly spot on and the enameled tags overlap the cut and polished crown to form a piece the eye could circle indefinitely.


Tecosky has mastered various blown glass and hot sculpting techniques to form his stylized abstractions that clearly salute his love of hip hop and graffiti. Also being honored in his work is the craft of blown glass. Traditional processes are celebrated over and over again. From intricate carved line work to a humble nod to the venetian goblet, Leo’s dedication to the craft is steady.  From this foundation, he has continued to explore how these themes overlap with other cultural interest points. These questions are carved into and layered onto the surface of his forms. Text based meditations can be found on most surfaces seeking and sometimes pleading for truths. Much like his recurring arrow, familiar geometric patterns have entered the surface: octagrams sourced back to ancient petroglyphs share space with wild style stars and of course, the artist’s own tag: TECO. 


A father and a husband, Leo works as a glass blower in Brooklyn and teaches Glass at Tyler School of Art and Architecture. He earned his BA in Fine Art from Alfred University and his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in NY.